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It’s Official – Our Fall Favorites!!

It’s Official! We’ve decided….Our fall favorite colors this Fall 2014 are: Fuschia Royal Blue Emerald We’re also loving a neutral eyeshadow palette that’s pretty much available in all brands!! Grab one and complete your style! [...]

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

It's not just a TV show title....Its a Spring 2014 Fashion Trend!!! Tangerine, Orange, Coral are all becoming classic spring colors! Not to mention these colors have been in style for years! [...]

Pastels for the Spring

Pastels for the Spring

Take a peek at a fashion magazine or look for a new nailpolish....You'll see the color trend of this Spring everywhere.....PASTELS...Light yellow, mint green, light peach, lavender, blush pink. These colors were all over the runways at the Spring '14 Fashion Shows and they have definitely been sticking around. [...]

Fringe is Fun!!!

Did you see all of the fringe on the runway in the Spring 2014 shows? At shows featuring Phillip Lim & Derek Lam..... Now it's coming out everywhere! It's FRINGE and it's Fun!!! [...]

Bundle up!!!

Its getting cold out there and the snow is falling... you need to keep yourself warm and of course, you still want to be fashionable?We have three winter coat trends that will surely meet the mark! [...]